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Tips For Visiotrs


  •  Do not keep your valuables unattended during your stay at the beaches

  •  Nudity on beaches and public places is forbidden and punishable under the law 
  •  Follow police traffic rules strictly. Keep your valid documents: driving licence, passport, etc in your possession while driving. Traffic circulation is on the left 
  •  Do not keep your money, passport in the custody of undesirable persons 
  •  Exchange your money through authorised banks /money changers only and insist on a receipt 
  •  While shopping avoid touts and brokers 
  • Shopping is recommended from Government emporiums 
  •  Don't purchase rail/air/bus tickets through strangers or unauthorised travel agents/tour operators but from authorised agencies/counters only 
  •  Voltage in Goa is 220 volts AC 50 Cycles 
  • In case of any difficulty contact the nearest Tourist Bureau or Police Station for help 
  • In case of any difficulty contact the nearest Tourist Bureau or Police Station for help 
  • Tourist police are situated at strategic points. Tourists are advised to contact them for any assistance required during the visit 
  • Always hire government approved tourist guides who invariably carry an ID card 
  •  Smoking and spitting not allowed in public places 
  •  Goa is a plastic free zone. Discourage any use of plastic bags etc 
  • Observe local traditions and customs while visiting religious places 
  • Caution on the Beach 
  • The sea is quite rough at times with dangerous undercurrents especially during the rainy season 
  •  The underground sea-floor level may not be even 
  • Do not venture into deep waters because in an emergency rescue becomes difficult 
  • Do consult the lifeguard on the beach before venturing into the wate


Important Telephone Numbers 

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Help Information  




Railway Inquiry 


Airport (Dabolim)


Dept of Tourism 



Usually the climatic conditions are temperate, except during the monsoons, which last from June to September. Thanks to the coastal Konkan region, and the backdrop of the Western Ghats, the weather inoa is pleasant and sunny.


There are no extremes of temperature and no clear demarcation from one season to the other, except for the monsoons.


The average temperature varies between 23 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is approximately 250 cm and the average daily hours of sunshine are 9 to 10 hours in summer and 3 to 5 hours in the monsoons.